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4120 Royal Pine Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital Veterinarians

Josh Fisher, DVM

Dr. Josh Fisher is a general practitioner and co-owner of Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital.

An Arizona native, he attended the University of Arizona and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, with a minor in Chemistry, in 1996. He pursued his veterinary medical education at the prestigious Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences where he met his wife, Dr. Cristy Fisher.  Together they were awarded Doctorates of Veterinary Medicine in 2001.

Although his background was breaking horses for his family farm and his career interests started out as a large animal veterinarian, his professional interests have now shifted focus to small animal dentistry and nutrition. 

He and his wife share their home with four cats, Bagheera, Shir Khan, Tabuqui and Baloo, and a dog named Mougli.

He spends most of his spare time weight lifting, enjoying archery, hunting and reading good novels.  Dr. Fisher's true love (after his wife) is watching the Green Bay Packers and he never misses a game.  Whenever able, he steals away to Wisconsin to catch a live "Lambeau Leap."

Cristy Fisher, DVM

Also a general practitioner and co-owner, Dr. Cristy Fisher opened Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital in Colorado Springs together with her husband in August 2008 after 7 years of intense planning.

Dr. Fisher thoroughly enjoyed her childhood as the daughter of an Air Force pilot moving all over the world.  She grew up in Guam, Germany, and Belgium and cherishes all the wonderful memories and the cultural enrichment that comes with being a "military brat" on the move. She pursued her undergraduate degree at Baylor University in Texas and Colorado State University and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology, with a minor in German, in 1996. Dr. Fisher maintains an active membership in Phi Beta Kappa.  

Dr. Fisher’s enduring lifelong dream was to become a small animal veterinarian and she achieved this dream in 2001 after being awarded her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.   Keeping in line with her dream, her professional interests include internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and small animal behavior. She is particularly interested in feline behavior and their inappropriate elimination behaviors.  

When she’s not busy with her duties at the hospital, Dr. Fisher enjoys beading, reading, watching movies and taking care of her five Koi fish and their Koi pond.  

Emily Baldwin, DVM

Dr. Emily Baldwin grew up in our northern neighbor state of Wyoming, where, starting at the young age of 15 years, she spent every break at a veterinary hospital learning about and helping animals.  She graduated from Iowa State University in 2010.  While at Iowa State, Emily enjoyed exercising her unique singing talent with the prestigious Iowa State Singers.  Returning to the Rocky Mountains, she received her doctorate in 2014 from the Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.  Eager to start her career in veterinary medication, Dr. Emily Baldwin is joining Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital with fresh new ideas and infused with the most recent information on veterinary medicine, taught by the most respected specialists in the field. 

Dr. Baldwin and her husband share a love for Golden Retrievers, having two themselves and helping others rescue them through Golden Retriever Freedom Rescue.  Shadow, their senior Golden and Ely, the younger Retriever, love spending their evenings with their parents on the couch, curled up with a good movie and some popcorn.  Of course, they prefer a rigorous hike and backpacking adventure in the Colorado Rockies.   

In addition to being a skilled singer and pianist, Dr. Baldwin is an avid runner finding any free time to meet friends across the country to run half marathons.  When not working long hours at the hospital, she enjoys cooking, baking, and yoga.  Her most recent hobby is nurturing her green thumb and attempting her first garden!   

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