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Posted on 03-10-2014

Do You Think Your Pet is Overweight? 

You may have seen reports discussing the rising rate of obesity in humans. Unfortunately, we been been seeing a similar rise in the rates of obesity in pets.  The 2012 National Pet Obesity Survey discovered more than 50% of pet dogs AND cats are now obese. Scientist continue to find strong links between obesity and other illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, cancer and pancreatitis.

Overweight Pets Need Proper Care and Exercise for Their Best Health | Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital in Colorado SpringsThe good news...we can fight back! If you think your pet is fat, come talk to us!  Your pet may have a thyroid disorder that can be addressed. Exercise is always helpful for pets who are healthy enough to tolerate it. Even in the winter, we enjoy enough sunny days to get our dogs our for a walk.  Cats can always exercise year round (even though they don't want to!) and we can help you get that furry feline off the sunny window perch and moving around.  And don't forget, human food has a lot of hidden calories which pack on the pounds for our pets, and should always be avoided.  If you want to know how treats stack up with our food, visit www.hillspet.com/weight-management/human-food-translator.html . You can also visit the Pet Obesity Prevention site www.petobesityprevention.com to learn more about your pet's potential weight problem.

Finally, we have a new diet that dramatically helps improve your pets basal metabolic rate! Come ask us about it and we'll do a body measurement of your pet based on its bone structure and we'll help your pet lose the weight, feel better, and LIVE LONGER!

Erica said:

Awesome article!! Thanks for the info!

2014-03-11 05:24:21

John Talgot said:

Can I set up a time to bring my dog in to be looked at? I don't know if my dog is fat or not?

2014-03-14 15:21:30

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