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Posted on 04-17-2014

How Often Does My Dog Need a Dental Cleaning?

In years past, the prevailing attitude about dental procedures was "why do they need it?"  "I have had dogs all my life and they've never had a dental cleaning." This may be true, but I'm sure they needed a proper dental procedure!   

As with human medicine, advances in veterinary medicine have shown tremendous overall health benefits when oral hygiene and periodontal disease are kept under control.  Periodontal disease leads to numerous systemic complications.  Many people wait until they can’t stand their dog’s breath.  Take it from me…I see oral disease every hour of the day in pets of ALL ages!  So don’t wait until things get “bad.”  We then have to take care of multiple problems which requires more extensive oral surgery, more anesthetic time, more pain for your pet, and MORE EXPENSE to you!   

Without Regular Dental Work, Your Dog Can Develop an Abscess | Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital

It has been long since recommended to perform routine, annual to biannual dental prophylaxis.  Often, a fear of anesthesia keeps care givers from following this recommendation though. The risks of anesthesia are FAR lower than commonly believed when a patient is properly monitored and has normal pre-operative lab work.  These risks and costs are even lower when the procedure takes 60 minutes, as with a routine dental prophylaxis, versus 3-5 hours when oral surgery is required.  

So…come down to Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital anytime and we’ll have one of our trained veterinary oral hygienist perform a FREE oral evaluation. Then, after a thorough professional dental prophylaxis, keep up the good work with routine annual dental prophylaxis AND at home teeth brushing.   

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