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4120 Royal Pine Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Our Team Members

Certified veterinary technician Erica Carr has worked with animals since 2000 where she and Dr. Cristy Fisher initially met and worked together in Gilbert, Arizona.  Erica's dedication to the Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital vision and mission statement of quality veterinary medicine was solidified when she and her family moved from Arizona in August 2008 to help us open our veterinary hospital in Colorado Springs. She is proud of the high quality, compassionate medicine practiced at the hospital and believes medicine is constantly changing and evolving. Erica has proven herself a highly skilled CVT, close friend and a great mother.  

Erica’s home life keeps her very busy with her many pets, twin boys and husband. She enjoys the companionship of their three cats, Skittles, Neo, and Taboo, and two dogs, Chevy 2–Ton and Riesling Sorbet. 

Having gone through the loss of her beloved cat, Zaps, to renal failure, she understands, as any pet lover does, how deeply these little furry critters impact our lives and forever leave their paw prints on our hearts! 

As many of you can relate, twins keep you constantly on your toes, but she carves out some time for herself and enjoys beading, sewing, photography and wine tasting. 

Veterinary technician Debra Dusack held a variety of positions in the animal field prior to joining our Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital team including working as a zookeeper, a humane society employee and a veterinary technician. She has worked with animals for ten years and joined our staff in February 2013 and has become a tremendous and valued surgical technician. Debra's attention to detail and caring nature and will instantly help you feel at ease about your pet's care and ensure even your slightest concerns will be taken care of.  

"The staff at Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital is very welcoming and I enjoy working here very much,' she said. "I am always amazed at the quality of medicine that we are able to provide for the pets on a day to day basis."

  Debra has two dogs at home - a Pit Bull Terrier named Smarshmellow and a Chihuahua named Tula.  Cats hold a special place in her heart and home.  Currently her Siamese cat named Kidd keeps the dog in their place! 

In her spare time, Debra likes to spend time hiking and taking long walks, but most of all loves spending time with her two daughters.

Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital found a truly one of a kind, exceptional customer care representative when Ria Botzler joined our team in June 2013. 

Her vast experience in working for veterinary practices for over nine years shows in everything she does for our clients and patients.  Her efficiency comes from being a practice manager for a group of three veterinary hospitals including holding a front office manager position in one of these.  As an added skill, Ria is fluent in Spanish and American Sign Language.  You can always count on Ria to greet you with a smile and to help you with any question you might have.  

Just like so many of us, Ria endured the passing of her beloved furry family member, Chandler, her Miniature Schnauzer.  She thinks of him often with a warm memories. 

Now, she is busy clicker training her younger German Shepherd Dog, Chelsea, while her older GSD, Tashi, watches on and giggles at her younger counterpart. Bison Reservoir is where Ria and her family like to spend some free time fishing and competing for the largest fish!  She often manages to trounce her mom in this endeavor, much to her mom's extreme disappointment.  Sunday afternoons find Ria watching her favorite football team: " I love cuddling up watching Peyton Manning and the Broncos play with a precision and intensity that only comes from experience and dedication." Completing her hobbies, she enjoys knitting, scrapbooking, golfing and scuba diving.    

We gained a distinct advantage when Morgan Tahara joined our team.  She has been working in the veterinary field for nearly 10 years after graduating from the College of Charleston with a biology degree May 2005.  After getting her feet wet in general veterinary practice, she joined a veterinary neurology service and subsequently expanded her experience by joining an emergency practice.  Upon moving to Colorado, she became a valued asset to our Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital team as a surgical veterinary technician. 

Aligned with Pine Creek’s philosophy of client communication, education and preventative medicine, Morgan believes these very important in her career as a veterinary technician.  She appreciates Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital’s “standard of excellence” that she looks for in a veterinary employer.   Senior pets are nothing new to Morgan as she cares for and cherishes her 10 year old dogs, Doc, a Pitbull, and Sammy, a Chiweenie.  They are her kids and she’d do anything for them!

Morgan has found Colorado a great stomping ground to enjoy her hiking and traveling hobbies.  Unique to any team member is Morgan and her boyfriend’s hobby of drifting.  They both thoroughly enjoy the sport and during their off time compete in drifting events.  Together they opened an apparel business where they screen print and design their own drift apparel. The rest of the team truly enjoy the lunch time aromas of Morgan’s fine cooking.  She is a skilled chef and enjoys trying new recipes and perfecting old ones.  

Katelyn Verrill is one of the more recent additions to our Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital family in June 2014.   Also new to the veterinary field, she has become an upbeat, very charming and compassionate veterinary technician.  While studying for her board examination to become a certified veterinary technician, Katie has blossomed in her position.  

“I love working for Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital because the attention to your pet and pet’s health is amazing.  The doctors here are 100% committed to your pet.  The staff is always friendly and willing to help with any concern you may have. The hospital has all of the newest technology including laser therapy to enhance your pet’s health.”

She keeps rather busy with her off duty outdoor activities including hiking, camping and photography.  You can also often find Katie playing ball with her four year old Border Collie, Nala.  And when Nala prefers to stay inside, Katie and Nala like to snuggle up on the coach and catch a good movie.  Katie’s indoor hobbies focus on scrapbooking, which I’m told she’s very good at.  We'd also like to share an important and joyous event for Katie...her nuptials to Tyler!  Congrats to the newlyweds!

As most of our customers have already come to realize, Stephanie Peters, is an outstanding Customer Care Representative.   After her beloved young dog died unexpectedly of renal failure, Stephanie felt a strong pull to join the veterinary medical field and connect with others who share their hearts and homes with our beloved furry family members.  She moved from Illinois to Colorado to start her new career with us at Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital in February 2015.   She immediately fell in love with our beautiful state and subsequently has convinced her mother to join her here.    

Stephanie immersed herself in everything Colorado.  When not “phone-deep” at the front desk, you will find Stephanie hiking the back country, relaxing with Yoga, kayaking down a Colorado white river or doing what she really does best...photography.  She has a keen eye and was professionally trained in Illinois.  Whenever possible, you will also find her faithful, one and a half year old “mini Rhodesian” named Ru at her side.  He is a bundle of energy and keeps Stephanie on her toes in training classes.  He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s in training for agility courses! 

When Stephanie joined our ranks, we didn’t truly appreciate how wonderful she would be with our clients and patients, not to mention what a tremendous positive energy she would be for our team!  Within the first week of on the job training, Stephanie had more client compliments than any other Customer Care Representative we had ever had!  She has found her forever home with the Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital team!  In her own words: “The compassion of the doctors and technicians here is exceptional. I’m proud to work for such a hardworking, caring team and I know that my own dog is in the best hands ever.  Pine Creek is what has made Colorado my home. I love coming work and being a part of the team.  The work environment is positive and progressive.  I feel like I’ve found what I love and can’t picture doing anything else.  The clients are amazing and it’s so rewarding to see them taking such great care of their furry family.”

When you board your beloved pet for that holiday weekend, you want someone to care for your pet as much as you do.  Well, look no further.  Jay VanDeursen, our exceptional Kennel Technician, joined our team late 2014.  Coming from a background in the human medical field and Fortune 500 companies, Jay felt a change was in order and joined our small business.  He enjoys the family environment inherent with a small veterinary hospital and especially one overlooking the grand Rocky Mountains!

Illinois lost a true gentlemen when Jay made the journey to Colorado with his 6 year old Pit Bull, Audi.   Morals and values mean a great deal to Jay and it is apparent in his interactions with clients, patients and fellow team members.   Although not of that generation, Jay holds his vast vinyl collection in high regard.  The team poke fun as he and Dr. Josh often banter about various musical groups that the “girls” haven’t any idea what they are talking about!

Jay is a free spirit.  He soaks in every ounce of Colorado sun as he is a true outdoor enthusiast.  His free time is spent playing soccer, gardening, landscaping, hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing, survival camping, and training to be a Colorado Rockies outdoor guide.  As Jay so vividly states: “You will find me outside.  Being free and being connected with nature, concerts and music fests, brewery touring.  Most of all, life on the road, as it shows us what we are made of and all the vast possibilities of discovery, wonder, opportunity and experiences of life.”  Needless to say, ever since Jay commandeered the boarding facility, the dogs have been enjoying the view of the Rockies during their extended walks!  

Chelsea Costello was an extremely valuable and compassionate receptionist at Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital for almost 2 years. Along with many of our clients, we were very sad to lose her to college where she finished her second degree to pursue her passion of becoming a veterinarian.  We are pleased to announce, Chelsea is well on her way to becoming an amazing veterinarian after being admitted to the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University.  We have asked Chelsea to return to Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital as an associate veterinarian upon graduation. 

When asked what she enjoyed most about her work at Pine Creek, Chelsea said, “I loved the amount of respect given both me and our clients. I can truly say that the highest standards of veterinary medicine are upheld, allowing all animals the chance to lead very long, healthy and happy lives.”

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