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Cute dog and his owner sitting in a brewery

It’s always a bummer when you have to leave your dog behind any time you go for a trip. Fortunately, Colorado Springs, the most dog-   friendliest city in the country, allows you to take your pup everywhere you go. If you’re in the city and are looking for a pup-friendly itinerary, keep reading to discover new areas.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Breweries

Colorado Springs has various restaurants and even breweries with gorgeous outdoor patios that welcome all dogs of any size or breed where you can enjoy a pint of beer with your favorite furry friend. Sipping on your beer while your dog enjoys some belly rubs and attention from the patrons and staff is a fantastic way to spend the afternoon with your pup.

Before you take your dog to a brewery, however, you should check with the establishment to ascertain whether your pup is allowed. Many breweries in Colorado Springs allow dogs into their establishments, so don’t worry if the one you were eyeing doesn’t welcome your furry friend.


If you and your dog share the same love for mountains and hiking, Colorado Springs promises you plenty of that. The Rocky Mountains are an example of the stunning attractions in the city. The beautiful mountains provide a gorgeous backdrop to any trip or vacation, and the best part is that your dog can join in on the fun.

It is important to note, however, that dogs aren’t allowed in national parks in Colorado. The beauty of the mountains is everyone’s responsibility, and all dog owners are advised to put their dogs on leashes. The leash laws are usually in effect for other travelers’ safety and the protection of the delicate flora and fauna.

Dogs do tend to get distracted by the beautiful flowers and can get carried away and destroy them. It is also advised that you carry poop bags with you to clean after your dog when they make a mess. You should also bring some water for your pup and some snacks to keep them motivated.


After an exhausting day hiking, you and your dog can pitch camp under the sparkly night sky and watch the stars. Dogs make the best camping companions because they make people feel safe and are warm cuddly buddies for the solo camper in a chilly environment.

Before leaving for any camping trip, always check for any rules and regulations regarding your furry friend. Some camping sites may require that you register the dog and bring poop bags and food to look after your dog in the wild.

Ensure that your dog is on a leash to make other campers feel comfortable and protect the dog from interacting with the wildlife, which could be dangerous for them and the wildlife. If your pup is new to the experience, always check their behavior to ensure that they aren’t stressed.


Dogs naturally love parks. Colorado Springs offers a couple of parks with vast acres of playful fun for your dogs. Some parks in Colorado Springs have off-leash enclosures which allow your dog to run free and play to their full. Some have hills and rugged terrain, which also double up as an exercise for your dog. Creek State Park is one example that offers flat fields of fun and a creek that your dog can splash, jump and paddle in.


Colorado Springs has plenty of pup-friendly events that run throughout the year. Some of these events even encourage dogs to participate, and your pup can win some cool prizes such as treats and trophies. One notable event is the Doggie Plunge, which involves a doggy pool where your dog can swim while enjoying a wide selection of toys.


A trip is never complete without a little bit of shopping fun. If you want to get some souvenirs for your journey, you can visit some pup-friendly locations and districts, including the Old Colorado City and Castle Rock.


No matter what you do in Colorado Springs or where you go, you are always assured that you will have fun. The most satisfying part is that your dog also gets to enjoy the trip, which is a win-win.