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Keeping Your Pet Happy - Pine Creek Vet

We know you want to keep your pet happy and healthy. There are several things you can do to make sure your pet’s thriving, so you can be sure they’re in tip-top shape. Here are some of the best ways to care for your cat or dog, so you can be sure they’re healthy and strong.

Proper Nutrition

Humans and pets alike need a well-balanced diet to provide nutrients and energy to our bodies. Make sure you’re providing your pet with the right food and in the right portion size, so he remains at a healthy weight. Too much food can cause your pet to gain weight, making him more at risk of developing obesity-related illnesses. Make sure your pet always has access to fresh drinking water, especially when the weather is warm, and limit treats to less than 10% of his daily calories.

Plenty of Exercise

Dogs especially love spending time outside playing fetch, walking around the block, and hiking over new terrain. Exercise makes your pet happy, but it’s also crucial to keep her healthy and strong. Give your pet plenty of opportunities to run, jump, swim and play. 

In addition to physical exercise, mental exercise is equally important. Provide new and exciting toys for your pet to play with, teach her new tricks, and take her on walks to explore new places. This will help her to stay mentally strong.

Routine Check-Ups

Every pet needs annual wellness exams, just like humans need to have check-ups. Your vet will assess your pet and do health screens to make sure he’s in perfect health. These exams can lead to early detection of diseases so your vet can tackle the issue before it becomes a major problem. It’s also a good idea to take your pup to the dentist each year, so his teeth remain shiny and strong.  

Lots of Attention

Our pets are social animals, and they crave a connection with their owners. Take time to establish a strong bond with your furry friend, and you’ll both reap the benefits. Spend time snuggling with your pup, scratch your cat’s ears the way she likes, and give lots of belly rubs. Giving your pet lots of positive attention not only strengthens your bond, but it teaches them how to interact with other animals and humans. 

Preventative Medications

Your vet may suggest preventative medications to keep your pet healthy. This can help your pet avoid problems like heartworm, fleas, and tick-related illnesses. It’s also important to provide preventative care by brushing your pet’s teeth. This will prevent tartar and plaque buildup and will ensure that your pet’s teeth remain healthy and strong. You can also give your pet dental chews to help keep periodontal disease away.

Regular Grooming

Regular grooming is necessary for all pets, but some may need a little more TLC than others. Pets with longer fur will need more frequent brushing, and they may need to have their fur trimmed on occasion. You’ll also want to keep their nails trimmed and give your pet frequent baths. When you’re grooming your pet, check for changes in their fur or skin, and if you notice anything new, give the vet a call for advice.

Practice Pet Safety

Each year, nearly 10 million pets get lost in the United States. Pet safety is extremely important in ensuring that if your pet gets lost, he’ll make it back home. Keep a collar on your pet at all times with ID tags and get your pet microchipped. According to the American Human Society, only 15% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats are returned when they don’t have a microchip or ID tag. 

It’s also important to keep your home safe. Pets are curious creatures, and they’ll get into anything that’s within reach. Keep hazardous chemicals locked away, and make sure you don’t have any houseplants that can be poisonous when eaten.

At Pine Creek Vet, we’re committed to helping you to keep your pet happy and healthy. For questions, or to schedule a well-check, give us a call today.