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Pet Tech Trends - Pine Creek Vet

In today’s world, technology makes it easy to take care of our pets, and something new comes out every day. Here are some of the newest and best tech trends in the pet industry, and why you should consider purchasing them.

Home Monitoring Systems with Cameras

Google Nest and other home camera systems are perfect for keeping an eye on your pets, even when you’re away. Products like the Furbo Pet Camera send you real-time video streams, so you can watch your pet from anywhere. You can set up your home monitoring system to alert you if your pet is making too much noise or if there’s movement detected in a room where they don’t belong. 

Automated Watering Systems 

Your pet should have access to fresh drinking water at all times, especially in the warm, summer months. Life can get busy, making it hard to remember to check your pup’s water dish, leaving him thirsty and at risk of becoming dehydrated. Luckily, there are plenty of self-watering dog dishes on the market that make it so your pet has fresh water all day. Some have water tanks that feed into your pet’s dish, while others connect directly to your water line.   Here are some available watering systems out there:

Automated Feeding Stations

Automatic feeders make life much easier for pets and pet owners alike. There are a variety of different feeders on the market that can be programmed to feed your pet on a schedule, and you can slow down the way it’s dispensed so your pup doesn’t eat too quickly. Select the amount of food to dispense and how often, and your automated feeding station will take care of your pet’s meals all day, to ensure that they’re given the proper amount of food to stay healthy and strong.

Here are a few popular models available now: 

Dog Walking Services

In a world where we’ve got the world at our fingertips, it’s easy to find someone to walk your pet. Websites like Rover provide a pool of dog walkers in your area, complete with ratings and reviews. Each dog walker sets their own price, and you can interview as many as you’d like until you find someone you’re comfortable with. Another dog walking service can be found on the app PawTrottr. Dog walkers are especially helpful if you work long hours, or if you have physical limitations that make it too difficult to walk your pet. 

Dog Day Care

Dog daycare — or doggy daycare, as it’s affectionately called — is a short-term drop off center for dogs. Much like daycares for children, pet parents can take their pups to daycare for the day, while they work or run errands. While at dog daycare, pets can play, have snacks and spend time with their peers in a supervised and safe environment. Dog kennels, on the other hand, are used for more long-term care.

Pet Apps

There are countless pet apps that pet owners use to make life easier. Petoxis, for example, is a medical app that lists every plant that could be poisonous to your pet. PitPat, an exercise app, pairs with a collar that acts as a fitness tracker for your pet. The collar sends information to your phone about how much walking, running, resting and playing your pet does each day. There’s even a dating app for pups called Doggy Datez, where owners can meet up so their dogs can play. Check online to see what pet apps are available and you’ll be surprised at what you can find. From dog walking apps to pet tracking apps, there are countless helpful apps for pet owners.

CBD for Pets

CBD has become quite popular among humans, and many people are turning to its purported  healing properties for their pets. Although research is still being done on the product, many people believe that it can help pets with a variety of conditions and illnesses. Some of these conditions believed to be helped include inflammatory problems, pain relief, anxiety, and seizures. Before using CBD to treat your pet, make sure you ask your vet since toxicity surrounding many CBD products is common.   

Pet Insurance

Pets, like humans, need medical care, and medical issues can pop up unexpectedly. Many people purchase pet insurance so they’re prepared in the event that their pet needs to undergo surgery or other expensive medical procedures. The last thing you want to get in the way of helping your pup is limited finances, and pet insurance ensures that you’ll have financial assistance if something occurs. 

If you’re overwhelmed or you’re looking for a better way to care for your pet, reach out to us at Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital. Your pet’s health is our number one priority, and we’re happy to help. To schedule an appointment, contact us today.