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Getting a new pet can be so rewarding. They can be entertaining and fun and provide companionship and love to our families. Depending on your living arrangements and lifestyle needs, a cat or dog may not be the best choice. Luckily, there are many low-maintenance economical pets that can fill your home with joy with little to no stress.

What is an Economical Pet?

Economical pets are low-maintenance, low-cost little pets that you can bring home to love on and care for like any other pet. They are a great choice for people who want a pet, but can’t commit the time, energy or property space that a larger pet may need. There are so many different economical pet options from fish to furry friends and their presence alone will make your home a happier place to be.  It’s always important to choose a pet based on your needs and theirs and these little guys are the perfect choice for many homes.

The Benefits of Economical Pets

Economical pets are a great first pet for children who are learning responsibility. They are fairly inexpensive and require much less space than a bigger pet like a dog or cat so they’re perfect for small homes or apartments. Economical pets are low maintenance, requiring very little from you beyond food, water and shelter, but they bring benefits like affection, camaraderie and hours of entertainment. If you’re looking for a low-cost, easy to care for pet, consider buying an economical friend to join your family.

Types of Economical Pets

Here are several economical pets along with a brief description of their individual needs.

Goldfish or Betta Fish

They are beautiful, cheap, and have very long lifespans. Fish are especially great first pet options for kids. Fish need to be fed daily and require a tank that needs to be cleaned occasionally. Fun fact: goldfish have amazing memories and will learn to recognize you, their beloved owner.


Depending on the variety you choose, low-maintenance lizards will require little more than a tank and a warm UV light. They eat insects and crickets or mealworms so you’ll need to have these critters on hand to feed them regularly.

Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs need food, water and a few shells to try on at night while you’re sleeping. These little guys enjoy having a companion crab to hang out with and are a great choice for kids. Watch out for their claws that can pinch!


These tiny warriors make amazing pets. Purchase an ant farm and watch as your community of ants builds tunnels, stores food and works together to thrive and take care of their queen. They’re cheap, educational for children and require very little from you beyond food and water.

Sea Monkeys

These tiny pets are the easiest you’ll find. Sea monkeys come with everything they need, including a home, food and the eggs that will eventually hatch. Just add water and feed them every five to seven days.

Hamsters and Guinea Pigs

They’re cuddly, soft and so entertaining to watch as they play. These pets need special habitat, bedding, water and food. They especially like fresh vegetables. These pets need constant access to food and water and you’ll need to clean their cage regularly.


Order caterpillars online and watch them transform into beautiful butterflies right before your eyes. These little guys need only sugar and water and lots of time as they grow in their netted home.

Pets bring variety, entertainment and a sense of responsibility to our lives. No matter your home situation or lifestyle, it’s possible to find a pet that perfectly meets your needs. Consider buying an economical pet to bring home and love.