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Scott & Eileen Kerkoski
May 16, 2018

My husband and I moved into Pine Creek 14 months ago and one of the nicest places we discovered was Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital. At our first meeting with Dr. Josh, he was kind enough to spent about 40 minutes with us getting acquainted with us and our dogs. Dr. Josh gave us good information about our 12 year old Basenji regarding her seizures and morning vomiting. After that first meeting, we have had the Basenji on Phenobarbital 2X every day and she’s not had one seizure. Also, Dr. Josh suggested a late evening feeding and that has eliminated morning
vomiting 99%. We are very grateful.

We had a Basenji and a Shih-Tzu when we met Dr. Josh, but in early January of this year the Shih-Tzu suddenly became very sick. He graciously talked us through euthanasia and made the process as painless as possible. It is comforting to know we have such a good Veterinarian so
close to our home.

We brought our Basenji in for nail trimming yesterday and watched Colton at the front desk graciously handle departing clients, several phone calls, and our presence in the office. What a great job he did! He was friendly, personable and helpful.

My husband and I heartily recommend Pine Creek Veterinary Hospital!